Our Lower Rhine region:
Full of life.


People on the Lower Rhine have been living and working with nature for many generations. The region is defined by agriculture and horticulture. From fruit and vegetable growing to tree nurseries and the cultivation of ornamentals to agriculture and the keeping of livestock: The fertile western landscape is rife with growth. And the fruits of that growth are marketed, shipped, organised, administered, developed…from research to retail, a high level of expertise has been developed along the entire value creation chain: The agrobusiness / food sector determines the economic strength of the rural Lower Rhine region.

Ensuring this remains the case in the future (and that the Lower Rhine region continues to grow and prosper) requires more than the ideas and innovativeness of individual companies and entrepreneurs. The Lower Rhine region has to develop further, with intelligent structures and advancement to make it competitive against other regions. This is why the network initiative Agrobusiness Niederrhein was established in 2008. It brings together people who want to achieve things in the Lower Rhine region. People who are proud of their accomplishments – and of the region in which they succeed.


Hard work to benefit many: The network initiative Agrobusiness Niederrhein works to promote the economic prospects and sales opportunities of companies in the Lower Rhine agrobusiness region. Based on the time-honoured principle “United we Stand”, the initiative is a consortium of businesses, districts, chambers, associations, research institutes and economic development organisations from the Kleve, Wesel and Viersen districts, the Rhine district Neuss and the cities of Krefeld and Mönchengladbach.

Einladung zum Agropole-Forum 30.11.2017 – mit Projektideen aus der Region!

Moderne Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik als Treiber für eine fortschrittliche Produktion im Agrobusiness – Auswirkungen auf Arbeitsbedingungen und technische Entwicklungen. Agropole-Forum mit "Speed-Dating" mit Vorstellung von Projektideen aus der Region Donnerstag, 30.11.2017 Euregio...
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Agrobusiness Niederrhein sucht eine/n PROJEKTKOORDINATOR/in – Vollzeit

STELLENANGEBOT in Vollzeit Detaillierte Stellenbeschreibung -> Stellenbeschreibung Projektkoordinator  
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Agrobusiness Niederrhein gewinnt TASPO Award „Kooperation des Jahres 2017“

Wir haben es geschafft! Wir haben den TASPO-Award 2017 in der Kategorie „Beste Kooperation des Jahres“ verliehen bekommen! Wir freuen uns riesig und bedanken und herzlich bei unseren Mitgliedern und allen Unterstützern für Ihr Vertrauen und Engagement! Eine Netzwerkinitiative kann nur...
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